Borodyanka: Defiant

Borodyanka, a town on the outskirts of Kyiv, was heavily bombed during the Russian siege on the capital, Ukraine, 09/04/2022.

Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Borodyanka was a quiet town to the north of Kyiv, with roughly 13,000 residents. The town was targeted by numerous Russian airstrikes because of its position on a strategically important road. The intent was to clear the path for the the Russian tanks that occupied nearby villages.   

A volunteer fireman after 24 hours of digging for bodies in the rubbles, Borodyanka, Ukraine, 09/04/2022.
After Russia withdrew to Belarus, the town's residential blocks were left in ruins and civilians trapped in rubble, Borodyanka, Ukraine - 09/04/2022.

Most of the buildings in the town were destroyed, including almost all of its main street. Russian bombs struck the centers of buildings and caused them to collapse while the frames remained standing.

An exhausted volunteer fireman takes a break in an ambulance, Borodyanka, Ukraine, 09/04/2022.
A man searching for his missing son shortly after the liberation, Borodyanka, Ukraine - 09/04/2022.
Shortly after the liberation from the Russian occupation, the city is devastated, Borodyanka, Ukraine - 09/04/2022 -

Oleksiy Reznikov, minister of defense, said many residents were buried alive by airstrikes and lay dying for up to a week. He further said that those who had gone to help them were shot at by Russian soldiers.

A woman defiantly poses for a portrait, shortly after the liberation, Borodyanka, Ukraine - 09/04/2022.
A destroyed tank next to a half destroyed building in a conflict area
A destroyed tank in Borodyanka, Ukraine - 08/04/2022

During the Russian invasion of Ukraine, most, if not all, of Borodyanka’s schools, sports facilities, libraries and places of culture were obliterated.

A bullet hole in the bust of 19th century poet and artist Taras Shevchenko, reportedly Russian vandalism, Borodyanka, Ukraine - 09/04/2022.

Source: Wikipedia

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